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Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern
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Primary / Secondary Transition

We welcome pupils from seven Primary Schools in our natural catchment area which are

We also welcome pupils from outside the natural catchment area.

Primary School Visits

Year 7 progress leader will visit all primary schools at least twice during the academic year. Obviously, the visits include all primaries in our natural catchment but also all schools where pupils have registered to come to Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern.

The first visit will be in September, the beginning of the new school year. During the visit, I will mainly focus on advertising our Open Evening which is normally at the end of September. All pupils from year 4 and above will receive information about the school which will include an invitation to the Open Evening to witness all the information provided. In addition to the Open Evening, the Year 7 Progress Leader will also discuss life in Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern including the vast variety of activities and recent success available for them. Pupils will enjoy asking questions about school life and about family members, siblings or cousins and friends that already attend the school. This is a great opportunity to establish the crucial relationship early before they start at the school.

The second visit includes a conversation with year six’s teacher so that relevant information is gathered for each pupil that starts in Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern in September. This second meeting is also a valuable opportunity for the Progress Leader to meet with the year group together. This time, a more informal conversation will be focused on the three transition days that occur at the end of the summer term, normally early July.

The Transition Period

During the transition period the pupils will be grouped into their year 7 classes. This is a golden opportunity to familiarise with the whole class, begin making new friends from other primary schools and get to know their new form tutor.

As a result of the conversation with the primary school teachers, pupils will be placed in mixed ability classes with friends from their primary schools which will ensure a smooth settling in period in September. An individual timetable will be given to all pupils with a variety of subjects and activities so that they experience secondary school life at Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern.

By the end of this period all pupils will be familiar with their new classes, their way around school and the school day in general which is different from their primary school day. There is normally a concert in the school’s theatre on the last day of the transition period to celebrate the success of the short time they’ve had here before the summer holidays, singing and dancing with the band ‘Y Brodyr Magee’!

Provision / Support

This is an important aspect here at Bodedern. Our aim is to ensure all pupils are happy and safe in the school which gives them a solid platform to succeed in lessons and all aspects of school life. All classes will have a tutor that is responsible for registration twice a day. This is an opportunity to raise any concerns so that nobody leaves the school worrying about anything.

Each year group also has a Progress Leader (Head of year) that’s responsible for the wellbeing and progress of each pupil as a citizen in our community. The ALN department provide excellent provision to support pupils that want that little bit extra and our supporter is available to provide extra support from a wellbeing perspective. We are here to listen and support at all times. We enjoy supporting our pupils to prepare them for their futures.